Relevant D.C. Legislation – A Primer

On September 27, at 10:00 am, the D.C. Council will hold hearings on two bills that would expand childcare access in Washington, D.C. (RSVP to attend, here.) Below is a short summary of what the pending legislation proposes to do:

B22-203, the Infant and Toddler Development Health Services Act of 2017:

The bill would require the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services to:

  • expand and coordinate healthcare for infants and toddlers under age three.
  • strengthen existing breastfeeding supports (with emphasis on Wards 7 and 8);
  • improve medical and social services for pregnant women, new mothers, and babies; and
  • establish a lactation professional certification preparatory program;

The bill would require OSSE to:

  • assess the state of existing, and the viability of potential, childcare centers in Wards 7 and 8;
  • select child development providers to create four new childcare centers; and
  • develop a competitive compensation scale for teachers and teaching assistants.

B22-355, the Bolstering Early Growth Investment (“BEGIN”) Act of 2017

The bill would:

  • increase childcare subsidy payments for providers;
  • establish a program that allows child development facilities to share services;
  • establish an Infant and Toddler Educator Compensation Task Force;
  • expand the duties of the Early Childhood Development Coordinating Council to review reimbursement rates, expand child development resources in low-income communities, and reassess existing facility regulations;
  • establish an Office of Early Childhood Development to operate the facility licensing process for child development providers, and offer guidance surrounding regulations, financing, and training;
  • provide tax incentives for property owners to dedicate space to child development facilities; and
  • establish a grant program to help providers enhance their facilities.